Episode 109 - More MMOs, MMO Problems

In this episode, James makes his triumphant return to the podcast to discuss a longtime passion of his: MMOs!  Nate and James spend a solid hour (and then some) discussing their personal history with MMOs, how these games have helped them stay connected with family or develop new, long-lasting connections with new friends!  From EverQuest to World of WarCraft, from Guild Wars to The Old Republic to Final Fantasy XIV--with a few short detours along the way--this episode is a celebration of great memories from our time playing MMOs.

There is a brief mention of the current City of Heroes kerfuffle.  Nate tells a great story about Eve Online.  James tells the story of how he ragequit EverQuest.

Also, Nate learns about Goldshire.  He completely forgets to share his own story of debauchery from Guild Wars 1.

For those looking to try an MMO, James recommends Final Fantasy XIV.  Nate recommends Guild Wars 2.

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